Bespoke Fire Suppression Solutions

FGS have the capability to provide you with fire suppression solutions for all environments. We offer service, design, and installation for both residential and commercial properties.

FGS are equipped to offer maintenance services to gas suppression systems which protects your equipment, asset and safeguards the future of your business and safety of your employees.

If you require an automatic fire suppression system that requires no electrical power, then a Flexitec system would meet your needs. Flexitec is an automatic fire suppression system that uses a pressurised 6mm tube. On contact with fire the tube bursts decreasing the line pressure. When the pressure decreases the cylinder valve will open sending a mix of nitrogen and water through the 6mm tube to the burst point. This type of system can be fitted as a direct system or an indirect system. Different extinguishing products can be offered to protect the required asset.

Natonwide Installation & Servicing

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