Low Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

A low-pressure water mist fire suppression system requires a pump set and water storage tank. The rate of which the water is dispersed is dramatically lower than a high-pressure system.

A low-pressure water mist system uses less water than a conventional sprinkler system, this reduces both water and fire damage and protects your asset.

Low-pressure water mist systems come equipped with a pump assembly and a break tank. Similar to high-pressure systems, low-pressure systems can effectively combat both Class A and Class B fires. However, they are commonly chosen as a substitute for traditional sprinkler systems in situations where storing water poses challenges.

Due to their reduced water consumption when compared to standard sprinkler systems, low-pressure mist distribution pipes have a smaller diameter than sprinkler pipes. This characteristic simplifies the installation process. Additionally, all tubing and fittings used in low-pressure mist systems are designed to resist corrosion, typically being made from materials like galvanized or stainless steel.

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